The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is intended to run with ELZAB S.A. fiscal cash registers and with other cash registers and devices with serial interface or USB. It may also be operated as an autonomous general use scale. The communication protocol of the ELZAB Prima 2 scale is software-programmed, which allows smooth work with any existing or new cash register type.

General characteristics
The scale is fitted with three keys used to:
- Activate and deactivate taring
- Reset the scale
- Send the result of weighing to the cash register
- Program operating parameters of the scale

Activation of the tare function is signalled with the TARA indicator. This function is deactivated automatically after weighing the product or manually, after prior programming of this option.

The ELZAB Prima 2 scale has two-way serial communication that allows initialisation through the interface of reading mass and selection and programming of operating parameters of the scale. The result of weighing may also be sent from the scale after pressing the key, automatically after weighing the product or on the continuous basis.

Intended use and application
The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is used in trade facilities of various sizes, from marketsquares or bazaars, small shops, to medium-size, to large facilities, depending on the intensity of weighing processes in the given department. The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is used in warehouses and wholesale facilities and food production and processing plants of various industries, as well as in gastronomy.

Compatibility with external devices
The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is provided with the RS232C communication interface and USB, which allows operation with various fiscal cash registers, POS terminals and other peripheral devices. Automatic sending of the result of weighing by the scale eliminates errors in manual entering. The result of weighing may be sent with pressing of the proper key of the scale, the cash register, the POS terminal, or automatically or on the continuous basis.

Note: important document!
Each scale is provided with a very important document: the certificate of compliance, which is required for re-certification of the device. This document should be stored throughout the life of the scale. If it is lost, the only possibility to make out a duplicate is by contacting the Quality Control Department at and stating the model and serial number of the scale.
Maximum load6 / 15 kg
Minimum load40 g
Accuracy2 g (0–6 kg range)
5 g (6–15 kg range)
Power supplyDC 5V power supply unit (optional power supply)
InterfaceRS232, USB
KeyboardMembrane, waterproof
Display2 x LCD
Dimensions of scale319 (W) x 307 (L) x 78 (H) mm
Dimensions of pan319 x 254 mm
Mass3.9 kg
Guarantee24 months

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